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Thanks darquin 

Welding Lolz

Yes jerk off, even though I'm a chick I came to class in the cold wet and icy. You'll notice 3 of the dudes didn't make it today. Idiot. "I predicted you weren't gonna make it" really? Most importantly, the facility comes across as girl friendly, and my teacher is cool about teaching chicks. At least that way, I'm getting an education worth paying for, and I'm vying to working in a facility I don't have to wince about.

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I keep going back and forth between thinking how cold it is and how I want to try and go in the ocean.

I love sea slugs

Ever since I was a little kid, I have really liked nudibranchs.
They are intensely patterned and colored sea slugs, and they also happen to be really fucking pretty.

here are some now!

slugs!Collapse )

go get some!

I can show up in your stories, comics, books, songs and once and while your fucking epics.

But god fucking forbid you make conversation with the real thing

Stop sucking and start offering to buy me a coffee you assholes.