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Element skateboards have good sweepstakes. I always enter them. I don't win them. But I try. This time it was to go to south africa and give shoes to kids. so i entered for that one too.

today was my union interview. I think I interviewed well and was true to myself. I can't explain it. I feel good about all of my answers. I might not get in but i can't imagine having done it better.

they took me into a room where I was immediately confronted with a room of 14 guys with notepads. no sitting down. just a room of dudes. all eyes on me. ready set go. I really like panel interviews. it really appeals to my way of multitasking.

I got alot of fantastic questions though, like-
how do you feel about manual labor?
did you play sports in high school?
how do you feel about working in a male dominated work place?

and some fun questions like
are you afraid of heights? (no) how do you know?
(i wanted to just say "because i'm just not" because i'm just not. but. i gave them a bunch of examples as to how i'm not. even if some of them were hokey--I had no real job experience with heights)
how'd you get into welding?
what are you familiar with?
Why us?

something that appeared to impress them was the fact that i didn't find them through ads but that i sought them out. maybe further proof of interest. something I really seemed to need to give them in spades. it wasn't that they didn't necessarily think i was strong enough, but i really needed to slam my interest on the table.

I was really over dressed for the interview. everyone showed up in jeans and t-shirts but i think i looked okay anyway. i think it made me look genuine about the whole thing.

I think i recognized a board member from work........hopefully i'm just being paranoid. if not. whatever, i'm not worried about it.

That was fun.


Jun. 24th, 2009 01:04 pm (UTC)
just a steel town girl on a saturday night, lookin for the fight of her life...